A smile makes all the difference

People buy from people. Not bots or merge fields. Give your sales or customer success team superpowers with video messaging that shows you care.

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We're the human element in your digital toolkit

Build trust

The genuine human connection our videos create wins customer trust and shortens the length of your sales cycle.

Increase sales

Goodkind’s more personal approach to sales can 3x conversion rates across multiple touch points in your customer journey.

Improve retention

Triple your retention rate and win back customers by sending the right video to the right person at the right time.

Just like you, we care about our customers

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Stand out from the crowd of bots & code

Refine your customer journey
Convert more prospects
Retain more customers
Upsell or cross-sell easily
About Goodkind

On a mission to bring the human element back to business

Goodkind’s founders managed call centers for some of the world's largest corporations.

We asked our customers a straightforward question at those call centers: Do they feel like we cared about them? 

The majority of the time, they didn't.

It isn't easy to demonstrate that you care about your customers when you're working at scale. For the first time, Goodkind has made it possible (and easy).
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