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May 5, 2022
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Why low production video wins in 2022

In 2022 internet users spend 19.5 hours per week consuming video content. And they’re twice as likely to share video than any other content (Wyzowl). Decidedly, the most compelling way to reach, convert and retain your audience is video.

In a world of bots, merge fields and automated messaging, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with highly personal communications. Instead of spending thousands on studio-style videos that your prospective students will never watch, opt for more human, resonant, low-production videos that anyone in your organization can make. Admissions staff, current students, university ambassadors, faculty, recruiters.

Show you care about your students with recordings that often take under a minute and cost less than a postage stamp.

Why high production value videos are overrated

With higher production value comes “better,” more effective video. Right? Millions of students around the world beg to differ. In fact, personal, low-production videos perform 7 to 30x better than high production videos shared in mass communications.

Your audience is the most digitally-sophisticated population on earth. Digital natives grew up using the internet. They’ve used it throughout their education. They live online. So mass communications don’t resonate with young people because they know it’s not for them. Twilio’s Segment report reiterates that today, personalization is a “basic expectation” of consumers. Table stakes! And same goes for video. You can’t trick your audience into thinking your content is just for them. 

Evidenced by the rise of Cameo, TikTok and Instagram Reels, students prefer short-form, first-person content more and more each year. Gone are the days of high budget, production quality videos.

Now, high production value should play a role in your marketing strategy – just not in your communications with prospective students. Do you create any lookbacks or student stories? High budget videos are ideal for your institution’s long-form content, like top-of-funnel social media posts. However, to build and nurture strong relationships with your students, you must get personal.

The value of low production, low budget video

What’s the last communication you sent your prospective students? A mass email? Direct mail? Was it personalized for each individual? Maybe a merge field {{FIRST NAME}}. We’re assuming it wasn’t a one-to-one communication. A personal phone call, video, email or text. True authentic, human conversation.

Are you still communicating this way with your students? Maybe you’re not even using merge fields. Instead, you’re sending mass emails with no personalization whatsoever. Digital communication is broken – stripped of any personality and humanity.

Imagine being in your students’ shoes. They receive 13 direct mailers, 26 mass emails, and 4 brochures a day from colleges claiming they have the best professors. The best student experience. The best facilities. It’s easy for them to feel like a number – or a merge field – when navigating their college decision, one of the most important steps in their young lives.

They care far more about feeling welcomed, included and loved at your university. What’s going to make you stand out from the competition?

‍Show them what it’s like to be a student at your school.‍
Show them you care about their educational success.‍
Show them you actually want them at your institution.

By spending a few moments crafting a personalized message for them, you show your students you actually care about them. Personally. 

And, video is the ideal way of communicating that you care deeply. Low budget, low production video saves time, costs less and converts. No need for fancy production equipment or fancy lighting. Just your smile, personality and authentic message.

Times have changed. The methods colleges and universities have used for decades don’t resonate with today’s digital native students. They want to know you care about them and their success at your institution. 

Stop hoping that you meet your admissions targets with mass email blasts. Instead, outperform your competition by using personalized communications to increase student yield.

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