Revenue and Operations Analyst

Revenue and operations analyst - intern
Toronto, Canada 
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As a Revenue and Operations analyst at Goodkind, you will be our “swiss army knife”, working cross-functionally across the organization to drive improvement. Part of your role will have you working closely with our sales team, using data to bolster our go-to-market strategy. On the other side, you will be setting up the cogs in the Goodkind operational machine, working across Finance, Product, and Customer Success to ideate, implement, and document effective and scalable processes.

Our ideal candidate has a strong technical foundation and is an effective communicator. We are looking for someone who likes to go deep into the weeds but can also come up to the 30,000-foot level to think and plan strategically for the long-term. This is a key, multi-faceted role with lots of room for upward mobility.

Job responsibilities may include:

·     Manage CRM and sales outreach reporting

·     Set up data pipelines from across various systems and ensure integrity of data

·     Analyze sales and product data and develop recommendations to bolster go-to-market strategy

·     Work with internal and external stakeholders to develop, implement, and document organizational processes

About Goodkind

Goodkind is the first human to human sales platform. We equip sales and success teams with the most performant and most human channel yet: video messaging.

When we want to show friends and family we care, we often hop on video or send a video. Businesses however don’t have access to a video messaging capability, and rely on traditional channels like phone calls and emails to engage and communicate with new and existing customers.

Why do customers need Goodkind? Well, sending one video to 1000 customers is easy. But what about 1000 videos to 1000 customers from500 employees? Mhm. Not so easy.

Our customers across education, retail and financial services have sent over 2M video messages with Goodkind. That’s 2M customer interactions transformed, and we’re only just getting started. We recently raised funding from the top technology investors in the world, like Y Combinator, Garry Tan and Bedrock Capital.

We’re an ambitious and diverse group grounded in our core values, which you can read about here, united by the goal of building the most human technology company yet.

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