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Welcome to the Gen Z Quiz. Good luck!

1. How many hours of video, on average, does a Gen Z student watch per day?

Bravo. That’s almost all TikTok, by the way. But 71% of Gen Z reports more than 3 hours a day of video.

The correct answer is c. Apparently that’s how long a TikTok wormhole lasts!

2. Gen Z would most likely consider an unplanned phone call to be…

Well done! Anyone with a Gen Z’er in their life knows this to be true. Unless, of course, it’s a video phone call…

Nope. Gen Z really doesn't like phone calls.

3. What does the common Gen Z phrase "no cap" mean?

Yup, it’s c! No cap!

Nope. The correct answer was c.

4. Which method of communication does Gen Z prefer?

Surprised? Check out our resource section to learn more.

The correct answer was face-to-face! Authenticity means wanting to talk to real people.

5. 31% of Gen Zers claim that how many emails are unread in their inbox at any given time?

Wow! Really makes you think about when the right time to send an email might be!

That’s very optimistic. It’s actually 1000 which is a lot of emails (though, honestly, most of us can relate)

6. What percentage of Gen Z believe that college is not the only path to a strong education?

It’s true!

Not quite! The answer is 75%.

7. In 2022, the average cost of recruiting one student to a private institution was valued at:

Check our 2023 Recruiting Doc for thoughts on how to source better data for cheaper enrollment costs to you.


8. Which of the following, from your institution, is a Gen Z applicant most likely to trust?

You’re right! Lived experience wins over, especially compared to incentivized individuals who stand to gain from enrollment.

While everyone on this list is a good choice, research shows that lived experience matters most.

9. When is the best time to send a follow-up to a prospective student after a campus tour?

Nice! It’s important to not bombard Gen Z with messages, and to ensure you give them some time and space to process, but also not wait too long! 

Okay, this was a hard one. We’ve found through research and customer campaigns that the best results come with b .

Interested in learning more about Gen Z? Download the Gen Z Report.

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