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Assistant Registrar at Dalhousie University
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Director of Recruitment at Northwest Missouri State University
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Does Goodkind really Integrate with my CRM?
Yes! Data goes both in and out automatically. If you have any specific questions for a CRM that is not featured on our site, click here and we can discuss further.
How long does integration take?
This varies depending on the CRM or system, but 3 weeks would be a long estimate for platforms like Slate, Salesforce and Elucian.
Do I have to record every single video? Can I involve faculty and students?
Goodkind works on a system of admins and recorders. As the admin, you will be able to assign video tasks to recorders. These can be yourself, other faculty members, or students at your school. Recorders will be notified via their mobile app to record a video. Once this occurs, the admin will be able to review the videos for quality control and send them out to the prospective students. Check out our Resources for some examples.
Are all videos truly personalized?
Goodkind offers 1:Many and 1:1 video campaigns. We recommend doing 1 to Many campaigns for large numbers of students during your initial outreach. As the recruitment process continues, your Goodkind analytics will be able to show you which students are the most engaged with your videos. From there, you can send those prospects 1:1 videos to ensure you are focusing your energy on the most promising leads.
I get 20,000 inquiries. Am I really going to record 20,000 videos?
While you of course can personalize however much you like, it’s best to wait until you know your leads are promising to have a 1:1 campaign. With a 1:Many campaign, you can just import your list from your CRM and send one recorded video to a large amount of prospects at once.
What about synthetic videos or dubbing?
We don’t encourage using an excess of bells and whistles. The reality is, Gen Z is the most sophisticated cohort of tech users on the planet. They grew up on the internet and will see right through anything that doesn’t appear authentic. Be the real you!
How long does it take to record a video?
This will, of course, depend on if you choose to practice what to say beforehand and your own level of satisfaction with your first results. To assist, Goodkind allows you to input a script so that you have a prompter to read from during recording. You could essentially record a video in as little as 1 minute!
Do you support SSO?
We do! Let your Goodkind rep know what system your IT team requires and, with about 2 weeks of lead time, we will have it ready for you.
Do I need to buy an SMS platform as well?
Nope! Goodkind sends videos via SMS for you.

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