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Goodkind gives you the tools to easily foster meaningful relationships with prospective and current students alike.
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Over 4M messages sent

Over four million Goodkind videos have been sent to prospective students around the world.

Thousands of recorders

Videos are recorded by recruitment & admissions professionals, ambassadors and even faculty.
1:Many campaign

2-4x avg. engagement

Goodkind videos generate 2-4x higher engagement than traditional channels like email and calling.
For Admins

Build campaigns for the right moment

Integrate Goodkind's video task assignment with real-time data. Assign tasks to your team and create uniquely personalized experiences for students at scale.

Goodkind on desktop
For counselors, faculty, and ambassadors

Record videos with our easy-to-use, mobile app

Your student recruitment plan can only benefit from empathy-driven, real-time communication. Record personalized videos for students right from your smart phone, tablet or desktop.

For prospects

Send branded video messages to each and every student

Reach students where they’ll be, by delivering video messages via email, SMS, WhatsApp and on your website. All videos are automatically captioned and branded with your logo and colors.


Easily onboard and connect your systems

Gen Z lives online and loves video. It's time your team meets them at their level, while also saving time. Leverage simple integrations with all leading CRM and ERP systems.

For marketers & DATA LOVERS

Gain insight from sophisticated reporting

Track success and understand ROI in real time all on the Goodkind platform (and even in your own CRM). Use Goodkind's intent analytics to help your team focus on best-fit students.

Make every message count

Write scripts for recorders, approve videos and flag keywords automatically. Host videos on your domain and ensure consistency with your school's brand from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Goodkind really integrate with my CRM?
Yes. We support automated bi-directional integrations with Salesforce, Slate, Ellucian, Hubspot and more. Chat with us if you have a specific question. We've seen it all :).
How long does integration take?
This varies depending on the CRM or system, but 3 weeks would be a long estimate for platforms like Slate, Salesforce and Ellucian.
Will I have to record every single video? Can I involve faculty and students?
As the admin, you will be able to assign video tasks to recorders (faculty, students, etc.), who will be notified, via their mobile app or email, to record a video. Those videos can be approved by your team before being sent out.
Are all videos truly personalized?
Each campaign can be "1:Many" or "1:1". Those 1:1 videos are indeed individualized. It's up to you when to use which category to best suit your recruitment strategy. 
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We get 50,000 inquiries. Am I really going to record 50,000 videos?
At the inquiry stage, the 1:Many campaign option is a great way to come across as human and authentic without having to individualize thousands of videos. We recommend saving personalization for later on in your cycle.
What about synthetic videos or dubbing?
Gen Z grew up on the internet and will see right through anything that doesn’t appear authentic. Goodkind helps you be the real you, with minimal special effects.
How long does it take to record a video?
This varies from person-to-person, but we often see videos recorded in under 45 seconds.
Do you support SSO?
We do! Let your Goodkind rep know what system your IT team requires. With about 2 weeks of lead time, we will have it ready for you.
Do I need to buy an SMS platform as well?
Nope! Goodkind sends videos via SMS for you.

What higher ed says about Goodkind

"Thank you so much for taking the time and sending me a congrats message. Means the world! Best day ever! "

Max G.

student, private university
"The huge success of our latest yield campaign with Goodkind converted at over 20%. Goodkind will come with me to whichever institution I work for!"

Christine D.

admissions director,
large public university
"We started using Goodkind to connect with our admitted students this past cycle. It was a success! Our Admissions Counsellors loved it, and they also received a ton of positive feedback from students."

Michelle N.

admissions Counsellor,
Small private university
"Goodkind is a great way to personalize communications and connect with prospective students. They provide fantastic support and easy-onboarding."

Melissa F.

graduate admissions director,
Small catholic university
"❤️❤️❤️❤️ omg thank you so much."

Jessica B.

new admit,
public university
"Students don’t check emails. They watch Goodkind videos."

Monique T.

assistant registrar,
public university
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