Goodkind for Admitted Students

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Financial Aid

Housing Options

Personalize with Student Ambassadors

Invite to Admitted Student's Day

Goodkind for Admitted Students

  • This is an important time to alleviate potential stressors surrounding moving and finances

  • An acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean an enroll. Welcome students to the community!

  • This stage has a lot of practical steps. Video helps facilitate being clear without causing overwhelm

Offer Financial Aid

Considering that finances are one of the largest barriers to a student attending an institution, it’s important that you are anticipating the concerns of students and offering them helpful resources to afford the remainder of tuition. 
Watch how Guelph-Humber offers practical information to an accepted student

Share Housing Options

Guaranteeing housing is another surefire way to reduce the risk of melt. Since a majority of students in higher education are heading for schools outside of their hometown, it’s important to offer the options succinctly. Consider video messaging as an opportunity to show residence options with a quick link.

See how Shelby congratulates and informs students in a timely fashion

Personalize with Student Ambassadors

This is a great time to begin utilizing existing students in the recruitment process. Having an existing student share their lived experience is the perfect way to have admitted students begin understanding what life at your institution will look like for them. This allows a relationship to build where the prospective student is now hearing from their peers instead of the recruitment team.

Watch how Shukan congratulates and welcomes new students

Invite to Admitted Student's Day

As we know, in-person events are vital to a student's persistent interest in your institution. Not to mention that Gen Z has a preference for face-to-face interactions. Getting an invite out early and via video can create excitement for a student to begin their journey with your school.

Watch how Schreiner keeps students engaged after admission

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