Goodkind for Enrollment

  • Showing students that they matter goes beyond their deposit. This is an opportunity to invite them into a community

  • Even at this stage, there are no guarantees. Goodkind’s engagement data can help prevent melt

  • Video is a great way to show compassion for the mounting stressors associated with housing and financing

Check-In with Reminders

General check-ins are a great idea, but it’s important to have purpose with videos as well, as you don’t want to send a student dozens in a short period of time. However, if you notice a student has forgotten to do something important for their success on campus, video is the most effective way to remind them.

Watch how Western sends a video to remind students to upload their photo IDs

Create Student Relationships

Students are always the perfect choice for a video recorder because Gen Z thrives off of learning from those with lived experience. Student ambassadors are great faces for your school’s community initiatives and are potential friends and points of contact for freshmen who are still new to the school experience. Recognition of familiar faces can develop from video messages.

See Faith's excited follow-up to an orientation event

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