Goodkind for Inquiry

  • First impressions matter. A lot!

  • Goodkind makes it easy to say ‘hello’ and welcome every new prospective student

  • Goodkind videos quickly capture (and keep) students' attention

  • Trust is established with an informal opening message

Introduce Yourself

The most important part of recruiting students is remembering to keep it informal and personal. A first impression goes a long way and ensuring that your first video message sticks the landing is vital. Use this as an opportunity to begin developing a relationship and offer prospective students a human line of communication to ask questions about the programs they’re interested in. 

Watch how Smith School of Business introduces themselves to students

Inviting Students to a Campus Tour

Getting a student to campus gives you the opportunity to show them why they should attend your institution. A student who visits campus is twice as likely to enroll in your institution. Using video also provides the added ability to walk students through a preview of what’s to come. Show off elements of the campus that would be featured in a tour and get students familiarized with the school’s vibe. A Goodkind video is a useful tool for previewing your campus and converting those curious leads into excited applicants.

Watch how Niagara College invites students to visit campus.

Following Up after a Tour or Event

This is a unique opportunity to begin personalizing outreach to students. Once they have come to campus or attended a virtual event run by a student or faculty, the people they have interacted with are the perfect recorders for a follow-up video. This is where using a student’s name and remembering details about their specific interests allows you to show you listened and show you care about them on an individual level. Video messaging offers you the opportunity to build a relationship with students unlike any other medium. 

Watch how Northwest Missouri thanks students for attending

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