Using Goodkind for Offer

  • A video is a far better way to enthusiastically celebrate the hard work that leads to an acceptance

  • Reinforcing an institution’s fit for a prospective student’s goals and values makes them feel like they belong

  • There are a lot of practical steps involved at this stage. Video balances being communicative and clear without being overwhelming

Congratulate Students

Getting accepted to a school is a huge moment in a student’s journey. Don’t leave it up to an email with bolded text or a mailed letter. Video is a supremely useful tool to show your enthusiasm and excitement for a student. These 1:1 videos are an opportunity to secure a trusting relationship with the incoming student. Don’t worry too much about business here. Allow the student a moment to celebrate.

See how the professor of photography at John Brown personally congratulates students

Offer Next Steps

Some students get excited about acceptance and then don’t proceed to take the necessary next steps. Of course, while they’re weighing their options or procrastinating due to their feelings of guaranteed enrollment, it’s important to remind them that their job isn’t done yet! Providing links to paying deposit and providing additional information on the school, including various deadlines, will be more effective over video, especially from a recorder that they’ve already built trust with, rather than via a templated email.

See how Rachel at Spring Arbor outlines a student's journey

Bring in Faculty

Video allows you to make unique offers to students. While an email offer with the signature of a Dean remains a formal staple, why not have those members of the school faculty send a video instead? Having a notable face send messages to prospective students is a great way to ensure that you show commitment in your recruiting efforts.

See how Austin Peay's President welcomes new students

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