Our mission

Let's change how colleges recruit

Why do we need to change?
Because Gen Z expects more.

Research shows that 75% of Gen Z believe that college is not the only path to a strong education. Compare that to 37% of Millennials who thought the same.

The generational tide is shifting and prospective students want a more customized experience from their colleges. They need to believe it’s worth their time and money to attend a higher education institution. It’s not a given anymore.

Your recruitment team has never had to work harder and needs the right tools to appeal to a generation willing to challenge tradition. Goodkind can help you get there.


What we value is what makes us human.

As technology becomes a larger part of our day-to-day lives, the human element has never felt more distant. It's for this reason that Gen Z searches to find
authenticity in everything.

The world has never been more ready for caring, empathy-driven communication.

Video messaging allows technology and humanity to converge, giving us the opportunity to maintain and forge true, authentic relationships, while keeping up with the times.

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