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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Justin, and I’m the CEO here at Goodkind. 

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already heard that higher education is changing. You’ve seen the near daily headlines that colleges are closing. Maybe you’ve read it’s because of the pandemic, rising tuition costs, low-cost accreditation programs, artificial intelligence, and of course, the looming enrollment demographic cliff coming our way.

But you didn’t come here to read all the same things you’ve already heard, and you know that all of the available data shows that America needs higher education now more than ever.

You are here because you believe in a brighter future for higher ed. And here at Goodkind, we do too. So what gives? What can we do to protect against these threats, and thrive? To answer this, let’s go back 3 years and talk about why we started Goodkind in the first place. 
Trust in Institutions

Trust in post-secondary institutions has reached an at all time low and continues to decline. To make things worse, it's not just parents; Gen Z trusts higher ed less than any other generation.

So what does shifting confidence in higher ed mean for you? It means that you cannot rely on your brand alone. You need to earn the trust of each and every student. Earning trust is hard. Students are being pummelled with information everywhere they turn (or rather, scroll), so how can we possibly build a trusting relationship with thousands of students concurrently in the information age? By showing you care. That’s it. It’s not simple or easy, and there aren't any shortcuts - trust is the path. Research shows that it’s far more effective to show your face on video than it is to send an email. Students want to know the real you, and sharing that with them builds trust.
Integrated Experiences

Today’s students have higher expectations of your student experience than ever before. They expect the same digital execution as an Amazon delivery or the web booking experience of an Apple genius bar appointment. How can you provide such an experience? In today’s world of cloud based software, it’s easier than it’s ever been. The tricky part is having all those systems fully integrated. Where a change in a student’s application status means a recruiter is tasked to action, or better yet, that student automatically receives personalized content right to their phone instructing next steps. Stacking experiences like that on top (and between) databases brings your student experience to life.
Asynchronous Attention

Let’s face it, today’s students don’t pick up the phone. We live in an asynchronous world. We watch movies on demand on Netflix, Gen Z drops voice messages vs. making a phone call, and we respond when we want, through the channel we want. Compounding this change is that you are competing for attention with TikTok and Instagram: AI algorithms with doom-scrolling video, that know how to win attention from Gen Z. How do you win? Well, it’s by taking what works from those platforms (short form video, messaging) and making it adaptable to your enrollment communications.
There’s one last thing that I’ll leave you with today. 

It’s easier than ever before to build software. And that means that you’re probably being pitched everyday by folks like us (“vendors”). But it turns out that even though software is easy to build, it’s actually really hard to build it well. And specifically, it's hard to build high quality software for post secondary institutions. Software built for student recruitment and communications requires nuances, and is different from software for businesses like car dealerships, stores, and banks.

At Goodkind, we’re all in on higher education. We believe deeply in the value of a post-secondary degree, and all of the life experiences that come with it. 

We’re building for you and your team, and integrate seamlessly with your systems and processes so it isn’t more work, but less. We are a conversion tool built to make your life easier.

Let’s build trust and win together… because the future of higher education depends on it.
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