About Us

We're on a mission to change how colleges recruit and retain students.

Why do we need to change?
Because Gen Z expects more.

Research shows that 75% of Gen Z believe that college is not the only path to a strong education. Compare that to 37% of Millennials who thought the same.

The generational tide is shifting and prospective students want a more customized experience from their colleges. They need to believe it’s worth their time and money to attend a higher education institution. It’s not a given anymore.

Your institution has never had to work harder and needs the right tools to appeal to a generation willing to challenge tradition. Goodkind can help you get there.

What We Believe

It’s all about human connection.
We believe in the power of human connection to create rewarding relationships between people and institutions. We use AI, data, and automation to help elevate these connections - not replace them.
We are always learning.
Higher education is changing faster than ever before. As a result, we listen deeply to our customers and we stay open to ideas and insights that will help us be better at what we do and keep ahead of the curve.
We go above and beyond.
We expect the best from ourselves because our customers expect it. We look beyond the parameters of each opportunity, always asking ourselves, “What else can we do to help?”.
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Meet the team
The Goodkind team is located in 15 cities around the world.
Everett Code
Senior Partnerships Lead
Michael Warshafsky
Cofounder & COO
Jorge Silva
Partner Success Manager
Giovanny Santos
Senior Engineer
Yusuf Adeniyi
Vitor Araujo
Adbhut Misha
QA Analyst
Justin Rotman
Cofounder & CEO
Miles Ramao
Partner Success Manager
Quadri Lateef
Lucas Santos
Senior Engineer
Syed Ali
Moises Badias
QA Lead
Deniz Kilicci
Product Designer
Maria Caicedo
Senior Partnerships Lead
Joshua Gross
Fatimah Fahad
QA Analyst
Tarang Singhal
Head of Customer Success
Willian Alves
Senior Engineer
John Jesurum
Seth King
Mark Sheriff
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