Release notes
Feb 22, 2024

✨ Backgrounds & Smart(er) Audiences

Remove contacts if list changes

A much requested feature not previously available in the web application for 1 to 1 campaigns, there is now a toggle in the audience step of the campaign builder to automatically remove scheduled messages and recording tasks for contacts removed from a synced list. Your lists are changing every hour, if not every minute. We'll continue building features to automate all list and audience incongruences so you can focus on what matters: building relationships with your prospective students. In a future iteration of Goodkind, this will also be available for 1 to many campaigns.

Virtual backgrounds for recorders

Admins can now add a virtual background to Goodkind videos! An admin can upload and select an image in the campaign builder, and all videos sent within the campaign will include the background. Note, background replacement is only available for recorders on iOS (Apple) devices. We recommend using background replacement to bring brand continuity and a touch of professionalism (or dare we may say, fun) to your Goodkind videos.  Read more tips on when to use background replacement here.

Thumbnail editing

Last but certainly not least, a new feature to edit your video thumbnails! Recorders have been able to select the thumbnail directly in the mobile app before submitting a video since day one (mouth agape - not here!). Now, admins can override a recorder's selection within the video library. Thumbnails, despite the silly name, are actually quite important: they will appear on MMS messages, as part of the GIF in emails, and are the first frame on a video page when opened. As the adage goes, don’t forget to smile!