A modern easy-to-use text messaging solution built for busy teams on the go.

More personal, more engaging, less expensive, less work.

We’ve launched Goodkind SMS as our customers have been asking for a better, modern text messaging solution, and now it's finally here.

Built for counselors

Mobile and desktop versions for teams in the office and on the go.

Pay as you go

Buy SMS credits as you send to optimize your spend.

AI assisted replies

Assist your team with generative responses built on a verified knowledge base.

How it works

Built from the ground up for innovative higher education teams.

Create an inbox for you and your team

Goodkind supports multiple inboxes and user permissions to separate incoming messages according to your institution's organization structure.

Launch text messaging campaigns

Goodkind supports bulk sending messages to thousands of students in real-time or on a schedule.

Text on the go

Goodkind SMS is built for busy teams on the go and comes out of the box with a beautifully designed mobile app.

AI Assist

When paired with Goodkind Chatbots, our text messaging solution will suggest responses for your team automatically to save your team time.

Everything you need

Shared Inboxes
AI Assist
Auto Replies
Bulk Sending

Integrations loved by both IT and end users

Goodkind facilitates real-time data imports and exports and provides a built-in query builder to create audience segments within the platform.

Learn about integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

How many SMS can I send out at one time?

You can send up to 5000 text messages in one campaign.

Can I send text messages internationally?

Goodkind supports sending sms to 150+ countries. However, SMS regulations vary from country to country and your Goodkind Customer Success Manager will help you navigate various guideline and phone number registration during onboarding.

Do you support WhatsApp?