Save time with a safe and accurate GPT-powered chatbot that sounds just like you.

Powered by GPT

Harness the breakthrough power of GPT-powered AI models.

Verified sources

Ensure your bot's responses exceed your institution's standards.

Integrated videos

Reinforce a message with video content embedded in your chat.

How it works

Built from the ground up for innovative higher education teams.

Works out of the box, no training required

Goodkind Chatbots don't require a time consuming training process like other chatbots. Using new technologies, a unique thought process, and a simulation playground, our chatbot 'just works'.

Conversational, configurable and most importantly accurate

Goodkind Chatbots don't make up information and only query trusted and up-to-date data sources.

Chat a step further with embedded video

Chatting is fun, but video is better. Paired with Goodkind Video Messaging and Reels, your Goodkind Chatbot can provide information as well as built authentic connections with students.

Everything you need

100% branded
Transcripts & analytics
Verified sources
Integrated video
Easy to setup

Integrations loved by both IT and end users

Goodkind facilitates real-time data imports and exports and provides a built-in query builder to create audience segments within the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does a Goodkind Chatbot retrieve its information?

When launching a Goodkind Chatbot, you determine the information sources that the Chatbot can access. This includes website pages, PDFs, and video content.

Will the chatbot make up answers?

No, it won't. The Goodkind Chatbot does not 'hallucinate' like other chatbots and has strict limitations on its thought process.

Can I download transcripts for auditing purposes?

Yes, all chat transcripts can be downloaded.

Can responses be edited?

Yes, responses can be edited and fine-tuned according to your requirements.

Can the chatbot talk in multiple languages?

Yes, you can specify which languages you'd like to support and the chatbot will automatically convert your answers into the desired language.