Goodkind facilitates data imports and exports that both CRM administrators and users will both love.

Works out of the box

Goodkind integrations are pre-built to fit your workflow.

Sync every 15 minutes

Import and export data on your schedule and as often as every 15 minutes.

Import and export

Import custom information per contact and export interaction data back to your system.

How it works

Easily onboard and connect your systems to Goodkind.

Get setup quickly with our pre-built integrations

Click to connect to authenticate and then select a list of your choice to import into Goodkind.

Map your data and bring in any information

Easily import custom attributes and map to a corresponding field of choice in Goodkind.

Connect a list from your CRM to Goodkind

Setup a workflow in Goodkind and send out the right message to the right contact at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support SSO?

We do! Let your Goodkind rep know what system your IT team requires. With about 2 weeks of lead time, we will have it ready for you.

How long does integration take to setup?

This varies depending on the CRM or system, but 3 weeks would be a long estimate for platforms like Slate, Salesforce and Ellucian.

What are custom attributes?

Custom attributes in Goodkind are fields that can dynamically store information. Your CRM often generates and stores data unique to each record. A custom attribute makes it easy to associate information from your CRM to the contact's corresponding record in Goodkind.