Showcase your school's stories authentically to increase engagement and connection.

Easy to use

Invite anyone on campus to record videos easily using the Goodkind mobile app.

Students expect video

Gen Z lives online and loves video. Enable your team to meet them at their level.

Designed for Gen Z

Reels is designed using a familiar video story format found on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

How it works

Built from the ground up for innovative higher education teams.

Request videos from whomever you want

Goodkind does not have any user limits. This enables teams to collect video content from faculty across campus or alumni around the world.

Approve & launch your Reel

Collect your videos, approve or reject them, and then launch your Reel once you're ready.

Engage visitors and understand reel performance.

Track success in real time on the Goodkind platform and easily highlight intent to help your team focus on best-fit students.

Everything you need

100% branded
Dynamic audiences
Deep analytics
No user limits
Augmented reality

Integrations loved by both IT and end users

Goodkind facilitates real-time data imports and exports and provides a built-in query builder to create audience segments within the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do students view Goodkind Reels?

Reels can be embedded on your website as a widget or sent out to students via a generated link that's opened in a web browser on mobile or desktop.

What types of use cases is Reels built for?

Reels is built to help you showcase what makes your institution special. That could be showing off your campus, introducing faculty, highlighting student or alumni stories, or anything you can imagine.

How are videos recorded? 

Videos can be uploaded directly to the Goodkind web application or recorded using the Goodkind mobile app if assigned by an administrator.

What's the difference between Goodkind Video Messaging and Reels?

Goodkind video messaging offers a single video message that is often heavily personalized for the end recipient. Reels offers an expanded format that features multiple videos in succession and cannot be personalized to the individual. Reels can also be embedded on websites.