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Transform your student recruitment with video
Communicate with Gen Z like it's 2023.
Goodkind is the only video-first student recruitment platform.
4,232,329video messages sent to students on behalf of our customers
Austin Peay State UniversityNorthwest Missouri State University

Break through to Gen Z with Goodkind

We make it easy for your team to send  short, authentic video messages that perform 2-4x better than traditional recruitment methods.

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Why student recruitment teams choose Goodkind

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Built and branded for you

  • Goodkind is the only video messaging platform designed for and informed by higher education professionals

  • All email, texts, video messages and links are branded for your school

Goodkind is great for delivering key information to a lot of students quickly. There just aren't enough hours in a day otherwise.

Jeremy Waldeier
Jeremy Waldeier
Director of Admissions
Northwest Missouri State

Task Assignment

  • Goodkind allows for unlimited platform users

  • Tasks are automatically assigned to recorders

  • Recorders use the Goodkind mobile app to receive and record assignments

  • Approve videos before they're sent

Goodkind has transformed all the time we've been wasting!

Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Herrera
Director of Recruitment
Austin Peay State University
Mobile phones using Goodkind

Optimized for Personalization

  • Gen Z wants to see real people reach out to them

  • Video allows you to show the real you. Amplify your videos with your personality 

  • Reach prospective students with 1:1 campaigns to foster trusting relationships

Students don't read emails. They watch Goodkind videos.

Monique Thomas
Monique Thomas
Assistant Registrar
Dalhousie University
Goodkind on mobile

Show School Spirit

  • Using Snapchat’s camera technology, we can design custom filters to enhance your videos

  • Have a school mascot you want to embody?  How about a hat with your school’s logo on it? Goodkind’s custom lenses can add that finishing touch to your video

Goodkind videos have allowed us to demonstrate our values of openness and authenticity.

Jennie Wedd
Jennie Wedd
Marketing Lead
Venture for Canada
Goodkind on mobile

Deliver at scale

  • Goodkind sends videos at scale (tens of thousands of inquiries and thousands of admits), using either 1:Many or 1:1 campaigns

  • Send videos to thousands of students, directly to their mobile devices, over SMS, Email and WhatsApp

Doing a 1:Many campaign is just so much easier than individual calling or emailing.

Nicole St. Pierre
Nicole St. Pierre
Pathways Officer
Georgian College
Goodkind on desktop

Trusted and Secure

  • Goodkind is strict on compliance and disciplined about security and data privacy

  • Large institutions, public and private alike, trust Goodkind to help them communicate with their student base

  • Your data is yours. We don’t (and won't ever) sell it, repurpose it or keep it

Video open rates are 3-6x higher than email alone

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Seamless Integration

  • Goodkind allows you to skip list building by syncing bi-directionally with your CRM

  • CRM data helps inform Goodkind campaigns and data from Goodkind is visible in your CRM

  • Goodkind can trigger notifications for sending videos at key moments 

Thanks to Goodkind, this past recruiting season, we surpassed our  most optimistic expectations.

Craig Chipps
Craig Chipps
Undergraduate Recruitment
Wilfrid Laurier University
Integrations desktop

Peek into the future of higher ed.

Because We care

At Goodkind, we know that caring develops trust.
Trust between us and our customers.
And trust between you and your students.
The world has never been more virtual.
It’s never been harder to build authentic relationships.

There's no better time than now to
show students that you're human.
You care about your students.
Let us help you show them.

Our Mission
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Don't give up your human touch
Gen Z chooses authenticity. Will they choose you?
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