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Today, 82% of internet traffic is video, yet most organizations lack the tools to create and send videos at scale. Goodkind is here to change that.

Our clients have sent their customers over 2 million videos with Goodkind. The results? Their customers are 3x more likely to transact.

Why does it work? Because people buy from people.

We've made it easy, to create meaningful human connections between your brand and your customers.

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We're the human element in your digital toolkit

Build trust

The genuine human connection our videos create wins customer trust and shortens the length of your sales cycle.

Increase sales

Goodkind’s more personal approach to sales can 3x conversion rates across multiple touch points in your customer journey.

Improve retention

Triple your retention rate and win back customers by sending the right video to the right person at the right time.

“Students don’t check emails. They watch Goodkind videos.”

Monique Thomas, Assistant Registrar, Dalhousie University
Monique Thomas
Assistant Registrar, Dalhousie University
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“The ability to show our face & build trust with clients has been a game changer. ”

VP of Sales
500 person fintech

“Goodkind is the TikTok of higher ed.”

Hazel Claros
Director of Admissions, University of San Diego

We make video messaging at scale easy

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Choose a flow

Add contacts from your CRM and choose a flow based on a specific business goal.

That's it! With Goodkind, you've added a powerful touchpoint to your customer journey.
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Record videos

With sophisticated task assignment and in-app coaching, recording video messages is easy (and fun).

Lean on Goodkind's ML-based content moderation to ensure all videos are compliant with your legal and brand requirements.
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Convert customers

Video resonates with your audience, no matter your goal — sales, retention or winback. 

With detailed analytics, you’ll learn quickly what works and what doesn’t to improve ROI.
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