Goodkind for Applications

  • Students watch videos far more than open emails at this stage of the recruitment process

  • Personalization facilitates accountability when there are deadlines on the horizon

  • The human touch provides an olive branch for students to ask important questions

  • Acknowledging a student's progress and accomplishments is far more impactful over video

Introduce their Application Counselor

A student needs a point of contact if any questions or obstacles arise during their application. Having a friendly, personable touchpoint for them is key. Let the students know you are there for them to answer any questions and offer your calendar booking in the call-to-action so that you show your availability for one on one time. 

Watch how Brendan at Valparaiso brings enthusiasm to the application start

Application Reminders

Crucial dates are opportune times to send reminder videos that you are there as a resource for the student, but also that the application deadline is approaching. Adding this bit of encouragement can show you are invested in their attendance at your institution.

Watch how the Hahn School of Nursing puts this into action

Application Abandonment

A student seemed very interested in your institution, maybe they even started their application. Then, all of a sudden, they’ve dropped off and gone cold. This is the right time to remind them that you were paying attention and are waiting for their application! 

Watch how application counsellors at Schriener make this happen

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