Goodkind for Melt prevention

  • Send messages that keep students on track and prepared for their arrival 

  • Consistency is equivalent to authenticity. Relationship building is fortified by check-ins and video imbues sincerity

  • Reminding students of important tasks they must complete allows you to gain their trust while also giving them a reson to feel bonded to your institution

Showcase Your School

Creating hype once a student has accepted their offer is an important part of ensuring retention. Schools can use this opportunity to showcase features on campus such as events, unique areas of interest and a student's daily life to paint a clear picture of what to expect.

Watch how APSU's Dean brings students into a classroom using video

Deposit Deadline Reminders

Confirmation of acceptance is only part one of the process. Students who are waiting on financial aid and other assistance may be juggling a handful of conflicting deadlines. It’s important that you remind them when they need to send a deposit your way, in an informal manner, in order to ensure that they remain organized with the fiscal elements of their acceptance (without feeling too pressured!).

Watch how Josh from Lakehead reminds students of the deposit deadline

Join Online Communities

The online communities of incoming students continue to grow! We’ve seen schools offer up links to their Discord pages so that students can begin communicating with one another before that first day starts. Video should be used to create community and belonging, and these online communities are a wonderful extension of that mission.

Watch how Kaitlyn invites new students to Laurier’s Discord network

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